Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Ruskin's View

This is part of Ruskin's view. It is in Kirkby Lonsdale and in this photo you can see a farm and one of the farm buildings which is brightly painted. I remember reading in the newspaper that the farmer had not been granted planning permission for something and his protest was to spoil the view. I have not followed this piece of news but I would guess that the farm building is now back to one colour as my photo is a year old.

Ruskin was a pretty clever fellow. He was a social reformer, an artist, a philosopher and quite a few other things but if I had a view named after me I would hope it is a bit further north and west. However Turner also painted this view so he must have liked it as well. Turner travelled around the country and he painted many British landscapes including a picture of Heysham (seen in the last blog).

It is worth taking a look for yourself now that the bank holiday is over. I zoomed in to avoid the river Lune as I did not find it particularly attractive, but take a look yourself. It might be worth going after it has been raining and the water levels are a bit higher than they were for me.

Happy snapping

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  1. The farm building is still exactly the same - or at any rate it was yesterday!