Monday, 6 April 2009

Favourite photos

I have nearly finished working on all the photos from Saturday. I find it really strange that I know my favourite photo when I take it. I looked through the lens at the bride and groom and I told them the photograph on the right was going to be my favourite, and it is. There are a lot of contenders, including the picture of the first dance. The bride and groom are easy to photograph because they are not moving quickly and they vary their poses over a few minutes.

I prefer to blur the backgrounds of the first dance photo. I don't mind about blurring the background in this case because the hills are not distracting. The focus of attention is on the bride and groom, but with blurred background you can imagine every single person is intensely interested. The first dance is a great atmospheric photo. I didn't know at the time but in one of the pictures that I took the bride and groom are standing still but they look like they could be spinning. Good old radial blur and the room did spin.

Happy snapping

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