Saturday, 11 April 2009

First Dance Last Photo

I will finish my blogs on last Saturday's wedding with the last photo of the day. I do like this photo because of the simple manipulation that goes with it. If you don't use flash then you get movement and motion blur of the objects that your are photographing. If you do take flash then everything is in focus. You can easily get this effect with digital manipulation but it would be almost impossible without computers.

If you want this effedt from the camera then you have to use depth of field, but depth of field is more accurate when objects are close to the lens. Look at my blog on depth of field and you will see that I ask the groom to hold the ring near to the camera. With the first dance the bride and groom are not near the camera. This means that the depth of field increases and more of the room is in focus, but we don't want the guests in focus.

Life is so much easier with digital manipulation. I always enjoy taking the photo of the first dance. It is easy to take and always look wonderful.

Happy snapping

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