Thursday, 16 April 2009

Let the camera take the strain

When I wrote the blog about night photography in Manchester I described how using the timer and putting the camera on a flat surface means that there is no camera shake. The floor is a flat surface and the camera will be safe, as long as nobody stands on it.

If there is anything of interest on the ceiling then you have your perfect way of taking the photo. Place the camera on the floor. This is what I did in the Midland Hotel in Morecambe. It is probably the finest hotel in Morecambe and an example of art deco architecture which is known nationally and internationally. As you walk through the main door you meet a wonderful spiral staircase. Look up and you will see the ceiling medallion by Eric Gill.

There are so many fascinating ceilings that we don't tend to look at because we would get neck ache. If you manage to read 'HEAR OLD TRITON BLOW HIS WREATHED HORN' then you probably have neck ache. Let the camera take the strain.

Happy snapping

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