Friday, 10 April 2009

Copyright goes to the bride and groom

If you look at the website at you will find a gallery page and if you look at the 2009 wedding gallery you will find some pictures from the wedding which was on Saturday. These pictures are available for any of their friends and family to see whenever they wish and wherever they may be in the world. Isn't the internet wonderful!

I always ask the bride and groom if they mind having their picture on my website and they invariably say that they don't mind. They appreciate that friends and family can see the pictures. It is good for them and it is good for me as they advertise my work. I do take pictures of groups and the guests but I haven't asked them so I don't use the photos. Very occasionally I do have others in the photo, as long as I have asked the bride and groom.

If you look at this picture you will see that I have used the radial blur. I do not use this technique very often but their pose suggested that they might be spinning. They weren't but the photo was asking for this manipulation. They do also get the originals without blurring and without the sepia or vignette.

Happy snapping

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