Thursday, 23 April 2009

Photo Manipulation May Be A Very Good Thing

The last blog reminded me of this photo. I started this theme by looking at whether the camera lies. My view is that the truth is hard to define but at the extremes we can recognise lies. However sometimes it doesn't matter because the 'truth' may have nothing to do with the purpose of taking a photograph. When you get married you don't want to see the photographer. The purpose of photographs on these occasions is to record the bride and groom, their guests and the venues. If you get works of art at the same time then that's great.

That's me in the photo on the left. I had asked the bride and groom to smile at my assistant. I took some great photos at the same time. I could have stepped ten yards to the side but you only get so many opportunities to take photos and their facial expression may have been difficult to reproduce. I have no qualms about taking me out of the picture (and I think the bride and groom appreciated it too). I did leave my shadow, but my excuse is that I do work on all the photos immediately after the wedding.

The point of this blog is that there are times when photo manipulation is a very good thing, and I can't think of a better example than these photos.

Happy snapping

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