Monday, 13 April 2009

Things are not always set in stone

I have written a few blogs about photographers as historians. These photographs of the Viking graves in Heysham are found near the ruins of St Patrick's chapel. If you are not from the area there is still a chance that you know about them either because you are clever or because you have a record called 'The Best of Black Sabbath'. You can be clever and own this record as well!

The area behind the graves is known as 'The Barrows' which is also the word for an ancient burial ground. The point of the second photograph is that times change and it may not be long before we have no more Viking graves. Locals have told me that The Barrows is a lot smaller than it used to be. Erosion is taking place at a fairly rapid rate and by taking a photograph a few steps to the side you can see this large fissure in the rock. These graves may be set in stone but they may not be permanent. There are many reasons to take photographs. take photos because you enjoy taking them but do look for places of interest that may not be with us in the near future.

Happy snapping

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