Sunday, 12 April 2009

Thanks for comments

I received a second comment for my photography blog yesterday and I have also previously received a comment for my French blog. I was very pleased to receive these kind words as I am a carrot rather than a stick person.

I have been a member of a photographic society and the tendency is to talk about how photographs could be improved so sticks tend to be more prominent than carrots but you still learn a lot and you do hear a lot of praise as well. You learn from the speakers, from the photographs that you see, and the comments that you hear, and this includes comments on your own photographs.

One thing that I didn't like was the cost of printing (which isn't too bad) and the cost of mounting the photos in order to be presented to the society. When the judge discussed his decisions there were many comments about the colour of the mount and how it changed the feel of the photo. A well-mounted enlargement is a wonderful thing, but I think I will stick to DVDs or off the shelf frames and mounts.

Happy snapping

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