Friday, 24 April 2009

One More Manipulation

In the last few blogs I have been defending photo manipulation. I will defend it one more time. I am usually behind the camera taking the photographs. My assistant takes the candid photos that generally get more praise than mine, but rarely do I manage to get in his photos. It was deliberate in yesterday's blog. Today's was accidental. It is interesting to consider 'truth' again with this photo because the eye is more than likely to be focused on the bride and groom. This means that the blur manipulation is more likely to be true than a photo that is all in focus. Do you disagree? Let me know.

It is a very nice picture of the bride and groom. I ask them whether they mind having their picture on my website and invariably they say they don't mind. You can see more photos of this couple and many others on my website at

I don't tend to ask guests and so I don't put them on the website, but this photo uses a blur manipulation which means that the only people you can recognise are the bride and groom. I am afraid I am there too in the foreground but at least I have been blurred. Good old photo manipulation.

Happy snapping

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