Sunday, 28 June 2009

You can even see the groom's shoes

This photo is from what is now yesterday's wedding. I have taken photos when none were allowed during the ceremony. I have taken photos when the vicar has said anyone could take photos at any time. At this wedding I was asked not to use flash. The problem with this is that you need a tripod. That's not a great problem. To avoid camera shake you can put the timer on. My camera gives me a two second option which is fine except if you see a smile then it doesn't usually last two seconds. You can use no timer but then you may see camera shake from just pressing down on the camera because the church is dark and it is a long exposure.

An added complication is that if anyone moves they become blurred. Flash would have solved this problem but if the vicar thinks that it is a distraction then he is the person in charge. I took a lot more photos knowing that a lot would be blurred, alternating between timer and no timer. Ironically an SLR camera is not silent and the noise may be a distraction. Also ironically the vicar remains anonymous because he moved. the bride and groom didn't move so you can see them clearly. What is that on the sole of the groom's shoes?

Happy snapping

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