Friday, 26 June 2009

Prepare for the snaps

I have a wedding tomorrow in Glossop and I went to look at the venues a couple of weeks ago. I showed you two of the photos as it gives me a chance to know where I am going and what kind of choice we have for backgrounds .

It also gives me the chance to mention the sort of photos that I take. One that you may see on the website at is the bride and groom looking at a photo of themselves. It doesn't matter whether it is a mirror or a picture frame but if it is a mirror then they get an extra picture. Their reflection often turns out to be a fine photo on its own.

I am showing you the photo on the right simply because it was an added suggestion, and I do like added suggestions. The church in Glossop is a great place to take photos. The venue for the reception is perfect for the group photos and has many lovely backgrounds, but the photo on the right is an added bonus. It is on the route for the day.

I always finish a blog with 'happy snapping'. It sounds like no preparation has been made. Well it has but a 'snap' may be the best photo of the day.

Happy snapping.

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