Saturday, 20 June 2009

Adding text and other manipulations

I was offered a post as deputy manager in a care home today (19th June) and I accepted it. Hence the dictionary photos that were in the blog a few days ago. I received a letter asking me to come for interview last Saturday. That afternoon I cycled over and took these photos from the road.Basically I could only use these two photos for a presentation that I was to give during the interview. Hence the dictionary photos and I used clip art for the other slides.

The photo on the left was cropped a little. I desaturated it and then put a mask around the sign. I increased the brightness and decreased the contrast of most of the photo so that the text would be more prominent. For the photo on the right I just cropped it a little and added the text. The quality needed for PowerPoint slides is not great so I just took these with my compact.

I don't usually add text to photos but it works well with slides and it may be something to consider if you have the right words.

Happy snapping

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