Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Arnside Pier

This is the pier at Arnside. There is quite a history to it and you can read the plaque if you ever visit. It's main purpose now is to allow people to sit on benches and take in the view.

I thought that the second photo was better cropped to this shape. There was nothing much below this photo and above it the sky was quite plain. One thing I did on the computer was to remove the flagpost as it did nothing for the picture. I am sure that you will not be able to see where I removed it, but you can check where it was by looking at the shadow, and I also left the lowest part in situ. I think everyone in the photo remains anonymous and I don't have the Google Earth problem of invading privacy (see previous blogs).

It was a lovely day and I did have an ice-cream but probably the best thing you can do here is watch the bore. I heard the siren which is the warning for the bore but I think it still takes 30 minutes for the bore to be seen. I didn't stop because for a really high bore I have been told you need water coming into the bay from the rivers and also the better bores are in Spring and Autumn.

Add a comment if you know more about bores.

Happy snapping

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