Tuesday, 16 June 2009

I bet you can't see the join

I was in Glossop at the weekend to meet up with this couple who are getting married in the near future. It is good for me as I get to know the church and the reception and it is good for them. They can use me as an excuse to look at the venues and run through the events of the day. It also gives me a chance to mention possible photo poses.

There is the standard pose where the bride and groom are stood side by side. Then the bride stays still because it is easier to move the groom, who moves behind the bride. This is pose number two. Then the groom moves to face the bride for pose number three. You can get a lot of photos in the space of a few moments.

These photos are not the standard poses but they give natural smiles because they are different. The photo on the left is just cropped. I have done a little work to the photo on the right. There was a bench and table in the top right corner. It was distracting so I took it out. Bet you can't see the join.

Happy snapping

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