Monday, 29 June 2009

Favourite photo of the day

Here is my favourite photo from Saturday. When I take photos at a wedding I promise to hand over between 100 and 150 photos but the total number depends on the opportunities that I get to take them. Generally I am able to hand over more than 300 photos and these are only the ones that I think are really good photos. A lot more photos than this are taken on the day. I suppose I could double up on every photo and convert them to black and white or sepia but I only do this a few times to give some examples of how the photos may look. For this wedding I will hand over 404 photos which is a record for me.

I went with this couple to the venues a couple of weeks ago. I knew this lake was a fine background. On the day of the wedding I was able to tell them that this was a contender for my favourite photo of the day and it is my favourite, even though there are 403 other contenders!

Happy snapping

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