Thursday, 18 June 2009

Thanks to mobile phones...

Folowing yesterday's blog on the slightly hidden history of Morecambe, here is one aspect that is not hidden at all. I remember the Polo tower was originally part of the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool and now it is a Morecambe landmark.

I have been told that a few years ago the local council were in negotiations with the owners of the Pleasure Beach / Frontierland and they were persuaded to bring some rides over from Blackpool including this one. Since Frontierland closed a few years ago this tower has been left as a monument to former times. At least I think that's why we have the eyesore.

I read that a telephone company had bought the rights to use the top of this tower for a zillion years. So we can be grateful to mobile phones for preserving this site for us.

Happy snapping

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