Sunday, 7 June 2009

Morecambe Dome

This is The Dome on the prom at Morecambe. It is run by the Lancaster City Council and if you get on the website you can see the sort of events that take place there.

I saw Melanie there last year. She was a big star from the 60s. I thought she was great and I really enjoyed that evening, but The Dome was only half full. What a shame!

This photo was taken a few days ago when the weather was a bit better than it was yesterday. I was there yesterday as this venue held the count for the very first Morecambe Parish Council. You can read my thoughts on the politicsfornovices blog, but I didn't take a photo then because it was breezy and cool. It was the sort of weather where you keep moving and it doesn't make great photos even if you do stop. The best weather is no breeze. You don't want camera shake. You want it warm enough so that you can take your time, and a little sunshine to light your subject and cumulonimbus to enhance your sky.

Happy snapping

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