Friday, 12 June 2009

Pre-wedding Meetings

For those with a good memory, you will have seen this pose back in a February blog. You can see that photo on my website at and then click on the secrets page. You see the photo before and after manipulation. The wedding last weekend was at the same venue - Morecambe Parish Church.

I am showing this photo to show you that I go round the venues with the bride and groom prior to the weddings. I can suggest settings for the photos but it really is up to the bride and groom where the photos are taken. I mentioned three places where photos could be taken and each had the church in the background. This time the bride suggested a change in order of the photos and it worked very well. The church was in the background and the wedding car with the bride and groom in the foreground.

Another point is that you can't legislate for the weather. This photo was taken the week before. It wasn't quite as sunny on the wedding day but at least it didn't rain. It's a pity that the grass had not been cut but I don't think that the grass length affected the photos too much.

Happy snapping

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