Wednesday, 17 June 2009

It's written on the walls

This is not a photo that you will normally see of Sandylands, Morecambe. I didn't have my camera when I saw it but I went back that evening to take the photo. While I was taking it I spoke to someone who was passing by. He remembered the Palace theatre. He told me that the building with the advert was not the theatre itself. Where I took the photo was the car park and behind me was the theatre. It is now a block of flats.

So it's too late to photograph the Palace theatre and who knows how long the advert will last. Even if the building is standing, the owners may decide to paint the building. There is so much history that is seen in the buildings, and very often it is engraved into them.

If you look carefully at the spelling of Palace you will see that it may have said something else in a different era. At first glance I thought it was the Palladium. If you can help identify the old words then please add a comment.

Happy snapping

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