Friday, 5 June 2009

Frontierland Morecambe

This photo is Fronterland in Morecambe. I used to live in East Lancashire and Frontierland is one of the places we went to for our days out. It was a mini Blackpool Pleasure Beach and was owned by the same family. It closed in 2000 and most of the site lay derlict for many years.

This is the main entrance on the prom. The main site is now taken up by Morrisons and recently other large shops opened. It took some time but now there are calls for this frontage to be improved.

As for the photograph, it is worth photographing because next year it may not be there, and also it is good to remember how Morecambe has changed. Like most family snaps, it records memories even you can't now walk through the main entrance.

Happy snapping

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