Thursday, 11 June 2009

The First Dance

This wedding was on the 7th June. I was watching the forecast in the previous few days. It changed from light showers to heavy showers to light rain. In fact on the day there was no rain. Even the day before I heard the forecaster tell me there would be showers later in the day. This is later in the day. It is after 9pm and the sunlight is still flooding through the windows.

In this photo I have done my usual blurring of the guests. I always like the first dance photo. I think that more than any other time of the day the bride and groom are being presented to their guests. Alright, they walk into the room for the meal and there is applause, but this lasts a few seconds. The dance lasts minutes. Even in the church they are surrounded by assistants (like a vicar or a best man).

I always take a few photos of the dance as expression is important and this can change from second to second. I also like different backgrounds including the DJ (who also becomes blurred). I also like black and white and sepia and vignettes. You can always tell which photos I like as they get variations on these themes.

Happy snapping

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