Thursday, 17 June 2010

Where to find art

On Tuesday I asked you to name the museum and I told the story about how I was not able to take photos within the building even though it would do no harm to the sculptures. I didn't mind following this instruction as far to many people abuse the freedom to take photos and expensive light-sensitive works of art are being destroyed by flash photography. If you are not sure about this just look at a piece of material that is in your home and is near a window. Compare it with a similar piece of cloth that is not near the window.

Nobody can object to photos of this particular work of art. As you can see on the left it is part of a fountain. It is not affected by flash photography. I didn't use flash but I sometimes find flash helps even in bright sunshine as it fills in the shadows. It makes them less harsh. On the right I picked on one section and increased the contrast. I am sure that this fountain could produce a whole project for someone else. For me I will settle for this one variation.

Happy snapping

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