Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Depth of Field

When you take a photo the light hits a sensor and the detail of focus is related to the ability of the lens to focus an image on this sensor. There are many factors to take into account, The size of the aperture is fairly important. A small aperture means that more of your photo will be in focus, but it is more difficult to get light into the camera. Speed of the shutter and sensitivity of the sensor are other factors, but depth of field, the bit that is in focus, is also dependent on how close your subject is to the camera.

The flower on the left is fairly close to the lens, This means that there is a small depth of field, Look at the flowers in the background that are out of focus and they are only a metre or so apart. On the right the flowers are not quite as near to the lens. The depth of field is greater and this means that the variation in focus is not as obvious as that on the left.

The moral of this blog is, if you like your subject in focus and the background out of focus then get close up. If you really like this effect then you may prefer longer lenses as depth of field and longer lenses are inversely proportional.

Happy snapping

Happy snapping.

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