Monday, 7 June 2010

Liverpool's Chinatown

Yesterday I told you about my open-top bus tour. I would recommend it to all and I will be learning about other cities in the near future. This is a photo of the arch in Chinatown. You can see the predominant colours are red and green and shortly after this photo was taken we learned that doors are painted in these colours. The red signifies mankind and the green signifies nature.

It was also pointed out that the street signs have their names in English and Chinese. It is interesting to learn that Liverpool has the oldest Chinese community in Europe but not the largest as this title was recently taken by London.

I am sure that you could take a better photo of this arch. and it is quite possible that the gentleman in the photo got a better view. It is a lot easier to take photos when you are not on a moving vehicle. It is even better with a tripod, partly because there is no camera shake and partly because you will have given the compostion a lot more thought.

Happy snapping

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