Monday, 14 June 2010

Improving on nature

Apart from the last three blogs, all the other photos have been taken by me and these are no exception. Well they it was easy for me to take as it is the view a few days ago from the back of my house. It is not quite as glamourous as the Matterhorn or the Eiffel Tower but it is helped by the rainbow.

It is no use converting to monochrome. You would still see the rainbow but without the colour you would not be improving the photo. However I did feel that the telephone lines were a distraction so I have taken out the main lines on the right. If this were a really important photo then I could have taken out the other lines but I think you get to see the effect of the clone tool. Look at the sky behind those telephone lines. I prefer the sky in the second photo. Sometimes you can improve on nature.

Happy snapping

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