Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Name that museum

I was in the Louvre a couple of years ago and I noticed that photography was allowed around the sculptures but not around light-sensitive canvas or other materials. Their ruling was that flash photography was banned in certain areas - fair enough. This is an English museum and this is the foyer and I should give marks for recognising the museum. However this is the first and last photographs that I took indoors even though I didn't use flash.

I thought the architecture was quite impressive and this is not the sort of view that you would normally see on a postcard so it was worth taking the photo. Just around the corner I spoke with a guide and I asked about non-flash photography. It seems none is the operative word. I suppose this restriction is better than the number of people I saw using flash around the famous works of art in the Louvre. How long is the Mona Lisa going to last with all the light that strikes it?

Happy snapping

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