Thursday, 10 June 2010

Liverpool Parish Church

This is the Liverpool Parish Church, otherwise known as the Church of Our Lady and Saint Nicholas and it is just around the corner from the Liver Building. It is no surprise to discover that St Nicholas is the patron saint of sailors and locally it is known as the sailors' church. We are told on the bus tour that there has been a church on this site for over 700 years and the weather vane has been on top of the steeple for 200 years. It is four and a half feet long and made of gilded copper - and who says Scousers are thieves? I should point out that the tour guide asked this question, not me.

This photo, like those of previous blogs were taken from the top of a bus, but this is one that I would single out to take again. I would go back, pick my spot and use a tripod. The reason for this is that I have directed your attention to a very small part of the photo and it does not have the detail that I would like. You lose detail by being on a moving vehicle. You lose detail caused by movement due to holding the camera. On a clear day this is difficult to see except in cases like this. However if you want the photo to be enlarged, if the light is not so good or even if you just want to take the best possible photos then a tripod is for you.

Happy snapping

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