Sunday, 27 June 2010

What the eye doesn't see

I have not finished working on the photos from Friday's wedding yet but here are two more that I have amended. When I pass over the hundreds of photos to the bride and groom they don't actually get the original photos as they would have far too many to look at. They only need to see the finished products.

I would like them to know about all the amendments but I make far too many changes and it would take far too long to tell them, but at least I can write about these two photos. There are no road markings in either photo and the roads are quite tidy. There are no road markings to say "slow", no pot holes and definitely no litter. On the right there was a sign on the lamppost which was distracting because it was colourful. I suppose it was doing its job by attracting attention, but I didn't want it to do that in my photo. I may have improved the converging verticals but I can't remember now. I would have to go back to the originals myself. In real life the eye compensates for building getting narrower as they ascend but on a photos it doesn't look natural.

Happy snapping

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