Sunday, 6 June 2010

How many Liver birds and what's their gender?

I was in Liverpool on Wednesday and I went on an open-top bus tour. These photos are not the ones that I would choose to take if I had more time. I would prefer not to take photos from a bus but it certainly meant that I saw a lot of the city in a very short space of time. At least the bus was stationary for both of these photos.

The guide was proud to tell us that the clock face was larger than those of Big Ben. We were given quite a few more statistics but the most interesting fact was that there are two Liver birds on the building (you can see both of them on the right) and that one was male and one was female. You can tell which is which because the female is looking out to sea waiting for her loved ones to return. The male is looking towards the city and waiting for the pubs to open.

Happy snapping

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