Tuesday, 19 January 2010

What's the message?

The photo on the left has not been manipulated. It is a very simple technique - just take the photograph while a car is passing. I thought there was a message here somewhere. Maybe it was the illusion of speed, because the car was not moving particularly quickly. Maybe is was that speed camera sign.

You may have guessed that the photograph on the right has been manipulated. I thought the overhead cables were distracting, and so too were the white lines on the road, so they have gone. I wanted to highlight the sign. I could have blurred everything else but this would have reduced the effect of the 'genuine' blur of the car. I decided to add noise to the rest of the photograph apart from the sign before making it sepia. Finally I cropped it because I didn't think there was too much interest at the top of the bottom of the photo.

Happy snapping

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