Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Mercer Hall Great Harwood

You met Immy yesterday who is based in Great Harwood. In fact he is just across the road from the Mercer Hall, and here is that hall. John Mercer was a chemist who was born in Great Harwood and he developed a process that strengthened cotton, which was not a bad thing for Great Harwood as there used to be many cotton mills in this town. His name is also celebrated in the name Mercer Street which is not far from the hall. The distinctive Towngate clock is officially the Mercer Memorial Tower.

As for these photos, just look at the difference that monochrome makes. Telephone boxes are red for a good reason. They are distinctive. However the colour takes your eye off the architecture. One simple change makes a huge difference to the photo. I should mention that I painted the lampost, tidied the floor and took away the yellow lines - well it is all in the name of art.

Happy snapping

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