Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Morecambe Pier

Morecambe used to have two piers. One was called the West End Pier which was not surprisingly found in the West End of Morecambe. The other pier was called Central Pier and opposite the former entrance to the pier is this pub. There is a painting of the pier on the sign to the pub and there is a large stone semi-circle that marks where the pier used to be. There is also another reminder of the pier because we have the Old Pier Bookshop but there is nothing to see of the pier itself.

Central pier opened in 1869 and lasted till 1992. It is interesting to note that Thora Hird's father was the manager of the theatre on this pier when it was damaged by fire in 1933. Thora lived around the corner next to The Royalty Theatre which has been knocked down and is now part of the Arndale centre.

This photo was taken by putting the camera on timer and placing it on the promenade wall. Look around and you will see many places where you can put your camera down for night photography. Alternatively you could carry a tripod.

Happy snapping

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