Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mist on the hills

I have already cropped the photo on the left. It has not changed greatly but there was a wall at the bottom of the image which was distracting. I could now have been in the middle of the field rather than next to the wall. I took it because I thought the weather conditions were interesting, and as most of the interest is behind the trees the second photo has been cropped again. Imagine how much more interesting it would be if this view meant something to you. That is the difference between buying a framed picture from a shop and getting your photo framed.

If I had wanted to enlarge this photo I would have taken it with the camera on a tripod. As there is always a possibility that the next photo that you take is the one that you want on your wall, then the logical answer would be to take every photo with a tripod. I suppose that you lose spontaneity and you can always go back and take it again (weather conditions permitting). I think that the rectangular vinette fits in really well with this photo as it merges with the mist on the hills.

Happy snapping

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