Saturday, 9 January 2010

Reasons to crop the photo

On the left you can see some of Morecambe Bay's sea defences. Unlike Southport where you need a guide to get to the water, we get high tides twice per day. The water is fairly high at this moment if you bear in mind that you can walk across the Bay (as long as you do have a guide). Photographically I am not keen on the way that the picture is divided by the rocks, the sand, the water, the mountains and the sky.

I prefer the cropping on the right. Your eye is directed towards the Stone Jetty and the Midland Hotel. I also like it because without the picture on the left you can imagine that the waters come right up to you. The sun was setting so the lighting is not good in the foreground anyway. One more reason to crop to the Jetty.

Happy snapping

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