Friday, 1 January 2010

Digital Benefits

Two days ago I wrote about the things to look for in a camera, but the really great improvements that have come with digital technology are to be found in the darkroom . I have worked in very nice darkrooms that were set up for me. I have also spent many hours converting my bathroom. They were not the easiest conditions to work in. I never made colour prints but even in monochrome you can only work in a dim red light.

Cropping was not easy. I have cropped the photo on the left so that the length is three times the height. This would be really inefficient in a darkroom because you don't get paper this size. Working in colour is so easy. In fact I have to press one more button to get the same photo in monochrome. I cropped the photo like this because all the interest was on the horizon. I heard the 'beaters' and only managed to take the photo when they had passed me.

Happy snapping

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