Sunday, 10 January 2010

Photographic Inspiration

You can find photographic inspiration anywhere and yesterday I was looking through the brochure for the local cinema and theatre. One source of inspiration is the photos in the adverts to promote the films. It might be the subject, the compositon, the posing, a digital technique or anything that you like about the photo but you can learn from any photo.

Nature isn't a bad place to look for inspiration. I was given this advice as a teenager and it was nothing to do with visual art but for playing the classical guitar. I was told to listen to the sounds in nature and put this type of feeling into my music. If you can be motivated by the sound of the wind moving through the trees then I would think it is much easier to relate photographic techniques in print to how you use your camera.

Whether you look for inspiration in nature or in artifacts, the important thing is to look.

Happy snapping

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