Sunday, 3 January 2010

On The Tenth Day of Christmas

It is the tenth day of Christmas and as I couldn't find any lords a' leaping I will settle for this nativity scene. Notice that both photos are taken using ambient light. However there is a big difference in exposure. I used the automatic setting for both photographs but look how the background has made such a difference.

The average exposure depends on the average lighting but on the right the photo is dominated by the lamp. By accommodating for the bulb everything else is darker. The same thing happens when you use a flash. Try it yourself. Pick a subject in twilight. Take the photo with a flash and then turn it off and see the difference.

The close-up on the right looks a lot more atmospheric and this has been helped by cropping out the background. The bottom line is whether you like the photograph or not. My preference is on the right.

Happy snapping

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