Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Lancaster Cathedral and less noise

I took this photo yesterday. I have shown you a photo of Lancaster Cathedral on the 26th and 27th August last year. At that time I was talking about converging verticals because I took the photo from across the road. This time I am at some distance in a car park so I have not distorted the perspective of this photo.

I have cropped it to 6"x 4" which fits the shape of the cathedral better than the original 8"x 6". I thought that the light on the tree in the bottom left of the picture was distracting. So too was the light in the bottom right corner. It is a simple technique to darken areas. It was called burning in a darkroom and there is a burn tool on the computer. My original intention was to make the photo lighter but this increases the visible detail and as this detail is limited it shows what was termed grain (the grain of the chemicals on the paper) and is now called noise. Apart from using the burn tool I have also increased the general darkness of the photo which means that less noise is visible.

Happy snapping

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