Saturday, 14 November 2009

Three generations

There are many reasons why I write photography blogs. Themes range from composition to the use of the colour or it could be effects like blurring. The subject of the photo may be the main reason for the blog or I could write about famous photographers, but in this case you will have to find the photos yourself because it would be their copyright.

For this photo I would point out the three generations of my family caught candidly. I have often written about the use of timer in order to stop camera shake caused by pressing the shutter button. On my camera the timer can be set at 2 or 12 seconds. Unless I am getting in the photo then 2 seconds is fine. This method is more hit and miss than just taking the photo and I wouldn't recommend it for portraits but you are more likely to get a candid shot.

Notice the branches coming into the top of the photo. You may like this as a 'frame' for the subject, you may have no opinion about it, but I have heard strong opinions expressed that do not like branches if you can't see the trunk. I think it looks fine.

Happy snapping

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