Saturday, 28 November 2009

More from Morecambe

These photos were taken a few moments before yesterday's blog. I saw the lights and they transform the trees. I had seen Dalton Square in Lancaster a couple of days earlier and they look great there. I'll have to take my camera there.

I did mention that I don't like carrying a tripod (but I should). Well the photo on the left was taken by placing the camera on the car roof. It is not far away from the usual head height view. The photo on the right was taken by placing the camera on a bench. Just like the people in yesterday's blog, the people move so they are blurred. Notice that you don't need Christmas lights for night photography. Normal artificial lighting is more than adequate. You can even take photos of people if you ask them not to move. I am sure it is easier now to take a portrait at night than it was for the Victorians taking photos during the day.

Happy snapping

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  1. A good point about the ease of photography, Michael. I shouldn't like to haul a powder flash-pan around with me!

    Cheers, Mark.