Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Can you sense the energy?

Last week I wasn't happy with the shadow caused by the flash when I went round to see Andy Bell. I mentioned that almost always I point the flash to the ceiling to avoid these shadows. The fake tan on Andy's face made it look like he had blonde hair and this effect was increased by the flash pointing upwards, so I was pleased when Andy agreed to come round to see me. I could use my backgrounds and black doesn't show shadows anyway (I still pointed the flash upwards).

I didn't see any warm-up last time because Andy was ready for his photos. This time I was there for the warm-up and as with yesterday's blog, I was able to use a tripod. On the right you can see the blurring effect caused by putting the camera on a tripod and not using flash. Normally you don't want blur but I think here it gives a sense of the energy used in the exercise.

Happy snapping

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