Friday, 27 November 2009

How to preserve anonymity

At this time of year it is much easier to take photos at night. I like night photography but I am lazy and it does take effort to carry a tripod. So this photo was taken by placing the camera on a bench. You can see that the view is from a lower angle than usual which is not too bad but a tripod would have given greater control. It would have also meant that I would have had to take more time to consider the composition.

This is Morecambe. There is another advantage to this time of year in that you also get the Chrismas lights. They really do dominate the photo even though there aren't many of them. I have tried to limit the effect by changing this photo to monochrome. In the background you can just see the sign for the Eric Bartholemew Wetherspoons pub.

One of the disadvatages of night photography is that if there is any movement it becomes a blur. However every cloud... I don't need to preserve the anonymity of the two people walking towards me. The camera has done this for me.

Happy snapping.

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