Wednesday, 25 November 2009

A planned comparison

I walked through Lancaster last week and these two photos show you the importance of good lighting. I wrote about the Trafford Centre recently and there was an example of cloud cover helping the photo. Usually sunlight helps and this is the case here. The photos show you that cloud is also important for the sky, as a third of the photo may be a bland white or an even blander blue . The cumulonimbus cloud gives extra interest to the photograph.

As you can see from the photo, you are at White Cross. The building is very nice but this in itself doesn't make a good photo. I did wait for cars to go in the first photo but if you know Lancaster you will also know that it is almost impossible to avoid cars. There are some traffic lights just to the left and there is usually a queue of traffic. I broke a basic rule to take the second photo. I was in that queue and I took the photo from the car. I have looked quite carefully and I can't see any great evidence of camera shake but I was stuck in traffic and took the photo. Let's say it was a planned comparison.

Happy snapping

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