Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Last two photos of Andy Bell

And so for the final two photos of Andy Bell. It is always nice to have a willing model and Andy was also willing to advertise his sponsor, Extremist. The name seems to fit. I wrote about Andy seizing the day which he has done for 29 years and that takes some dedication. He seized the day by working in the gym and by looking after his diet. I understand that the Extremist company make dietary supplements.

The photos have generally been good to show off muscle definition and tatoos. Neither can be seen in the last photo. I just liked it for the composition, which doesn't quite follow the rule of thirds but looks good to me. The other thing that I like about it is that your eye is drawn to his eye. There is a little more interest in the photo but basically it is his eye and then you are trying to read his thoughts. You don't need to read thoughts on the left as it is spelled out for you, but did you see that I superimposed another background? This is one way to get rid of the shadows as seen in yesterday's blog.

Happy snapping

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