Monday, 9 November 2009

Andy Bell 3

If you met this man in a dark alley then you would think that all associations with dark alleys are over. Compare that image with the smile on the right and you start to see the man behind the tongue.

I heard the phrase carpe diem recently. You may know it as 'seize the day' and it means make the most of the time that you've got. Well here is someone who has seized many days and has so much self-discipline. It takes discipline to get into a gym and work hard but even his dietary needs require discipline as his supplements are fixed at regularly intervals. During the time I was taking these photos he had to stop for a moment and take a drink.

As for the photos, the darker variation and the increased contrast bring out detail. A close crop on the left ensures that you concentrate on the subject, if you weren't concentrating already. On the right the sepia has a similar role to a tan. Muscle definition is enhanced. The added benefit of sepia is that colour distractions in the background (not that there were many) have been reduced. An added effect to concentrate on the subject is the vignette. Basically you spend less time looking at folds in the curtain.

Happy snapping

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