Thursday, 26 November 2009

How to improve Lancaster Castle

You will see that I am still in Lancaster. This is possibly the most famous scene that you can find in Lancaster. It is always nice to be able to step back and take the photo so that you don't get converging verticals. There are two problems here. One is that there is quite a drop down the hill which means you do get converging verticals because you are looking up. The second problem is that the walls just don't look vertical anyway.

It would have been better if this photo could have been taken from the same height as the middle of the Norman keep. There would still be some distortion (see previous blogs on converging verticals) but it would be kept to a minimum. I could have also stepped back a little more and that would have helped too. Early morning sunlight would have helped and wouldn't it be nice if there were no cars. Maybe there are fewer cars and better lighting in the morning. There's always photo manipulation!

Happy snapping

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