Sunday, 9 May 2010

No hats were damaged

I have seen people throw top hats but you don't want to damage them because they are quite expensive. So the best man was just out of the camera shot and caught it. The problem with this is that it looks like the groom is throwing the hat to the best man, hence the photo on the right. I could have moved the hat anywhere and I thought the composition was fine if I placed the hat there. Unfortunately the groom is looking like he is throwing the hat to someone.

Next time I know what to say. Throw the hat to the best man and at the same time look up in the air. The hat can move to the place where the groom is looking afterwards. The good news is that no hats were damaged in the making of this photograph.

Happy snapping


  1. You could ask the groom to mime throwing the hat in the air, and photoshop it in later!

  2. Thanks Tim. The problem with this is that you have to take an "authentic" photo of a hat in flight. It has to be the right size with the right amount of blur. It is easier to make sure the best man is good at catching.