Friday, 14 May 2010

Another trademark

I enjoy listening to speeches and taking photos at the same time. It is good for me as I get to hear some very funny jokes. You can see some of the reactions to the speeches with these photos.

There is another benefit to taking photos at this time because there are many natural smiles. I am not asking anyone to pose but I get a lot of opportunities for taking great photos. I take some from the side of the top table so that I am not in anyone's way but I also like to get views like these. Again I am not in anyone's way as I am sat on the floor.

I wrote yesterday about trademark photos. Well another trademark is the speed in which I have the photos ready. This couple asked for the CDRom, the photos to be printed and for the DVDs. Their wedding was only last Friday but everything is ready for them to pick up when they return from their honeymoon - and they have well over four hundred photos to collect!

Happy snapping

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