Saturday, 1 May 2010

The effects of artificial light

You can't beat Morecambe for your sunset photos. I have not taken my tripod but there are a lot of flat surfaces that you can use. Of course there is my usual proviso that you have to set the timer on the camera so that there is no camera shake.

On the left it is fairly obvious where I have placed the camera. I could have cropped out the wall and that is the advantage of a tripod. You get the picture that you want in the first place. There are only a few minutes between these two photos but look how the light has changed. A few minutes later it was dark. The second photo was taken from the steps leading down to the beach.

For me a significant point to be seen in both photos is the effect of artificial light. The prom and the sand are lit because of the lights on the road. I don't think we appreciate how much light there is around us at night. I was on holiday a couple of years ago in Norfolk. They had no street lights in this small village but a local said that after a minute you just get your night vision.

Happy snapping

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