Monday, 3 May 2010

Gordon Brown visits Wray

These photos were taken in Wray village which is to the east of Lancaster. They have a scarecrow festival each year at this time and I was there yesterday. There are themes to the scarecrows. There were some TV detectives and televison entertainment in general was a common choice. The residents put certainly put on a great show.

I wonder how much time is given to planning as many of the scarecrows had a political theme. I know that you could have guessed the date of the general election but we have only known that it was 6th May for a few weeks.

These photos show Gordon Brown in his setting and as a close-up and if you look closely you will see that plans have been amended in the past few days. If there is a prize for a topical scarecrow then I think this one won.

Happy snapping

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